Audit Requests 2023-2024

Audit Requests - 5/14/2024 Hearing

  1. 2024-103 City of Huntington Beach—Pacific Airshow Settlement Agreement (Senator Min)
  2. 2024-104 Orange County—Section 8 Program (Assembly Member Quirk-Silva)
  3. 2024-105 Department of Cannabis Control—Youth Advertising and Marketing Enforcement (Assembly Member Irwin)
  4. 2024-106 Twin Rivers Unified School District and Highlands Community Charter School—Programs and Oversight (Assembly Member Muratsuchi)
  5. 2024-107 California Healthy Youth Act Implementation (Assembly Member Zbur)
  6. 2024-108 Alameda County—Department of Children and Family Services (Senator Wahab)
  7. 2024-109 Department of Housing and Community Development—Housing Element Reviews Procedures and Oversight (Senator Glazer)
  8. 2024-111 California Colleges—Affordable Student Housing (Assembly Member Hart)
  9. 2024-114 California State Facilities—Medical and Mental Healthcare Staffing Contracts (Assembly Member Lowenthal)
  10. 2024-115 Division of Occupational Safety and Health—Oversight and Enforcement (Assembly Member Ortega)
  11. 2024-116 Department of Public Health—Office of AIDS (Senator Laird)
  12. 2024-118 Department of General Services and Department of Human Resources—State Telework Policies (Assembly Member Hoover)

Emergency  Audit Requests - 2023 

2023-133 City of Anaheim (Assembly Member Valencia)
2023-134 Los Angeles County Probation Department (Assembly Member Jones-Sawyer)

Audit Requests - 6/26/2023 Hearing

  1. 2023-120 Department of Health Care Services—Licensed Recovery and Treatment Facilities (Assembly Member Dixon)
  2. 2023-122 California Public Schools—Custodial Staffing and Cleanliness Standards (Assembly Member Alvarez)
  3. 2023-123 Community College Transfers (Assembly Member Alvarez)
  4. 2023-124 Local Streets and Roads Program—State and Local Oversight (Assembly Member Grayson)
  5. 2023-126 California Community Colleges—Instructor and Administrator Spending  (Assembly Member Rodriguez)
  6. 2023-127 California Public Utilities Commission—Energy Efficiency Programs Oversight (Assembly Member Ting)
  7. 2023-128 Department of Pesticide Regulation—Registration and Assessment Funding (Senator Niello)
  8. 2023-129 Department of General Services—Tropical Forest Commodities (Assembly Member Kalra)
  9. 2023-130 Department of State Hospitals—Sexually Violent Predator Conditional Release Program (Senator Jones)


Audit Requests - 3/22/2023 Hearing

  1. 2023-101  Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (Assembly Member Berman)
  2. 2023-102  State and Local Government Homelessness Funding (Senator Cortese)
  3. 2023-103  Departments of Health Care Services and Public Health–Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program (Assembly Member Bauer-Kahan)
  4. 2023-104  California Labor Commissioner’s Office—Backlog of Wage Theft Cases (Senator Glazer)
  5. 2023-105  Franchise Tax Board—Middle Class Tax Refunds (Assembly Member Alvarez)
  6. 2023-106  University of California—Online Program Management (Assembly Member Alvarez)
  7. 2023-107  Riverside and San Bernardino Counties—Proposition 47 (Assembly Member Ramos)
  8. 2023-110  Fetal Death and Stillbirth Certificates (Senator Ashby)
  9. 2023-112  Department of Housing and Community Development—Mobilehome Residency Law Protection Program (Senator Seyarto)
  10. 2023-115  Departments of Health Care Services and Managed Health Care—Access to Behavioral Health Services for Children (Assembly Member Weber)
  11. 2023-116  Local Government—Cannabis Licensing (Assembly Member Jones-Sawyer)

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