Audit Requests 2021-2022

Emergency Audit Requests - 2022

2022-120 Orange County Power Authority (Senator Umberg)

Audit Requests - 6/27/2022 Hearing


Emergency Audit Requests - 2021

2021-125 Department of Housing and Community DevelopmentRegional Housing Needs Assessment Process (Senator Glazer)


Audit Requests - 6/30/2021 Hearing

2021-101 Community Colleges – K-12 Strong Workforce Program (Assemblymember O’Donnell)

2021-102 Indian Gaming Special Distribution Fund (Assemblymember E. Garcia)

2021-104 Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (Assemblymember Gipson)

2021-105 Peace Officers – Hate Group Affiliations (Assemblymember Nazarian)

2021-107 Department of Developmental Services – Oversight of Regional Center (Assemblymember Frazier)

2021-108 Bellflower Unified School District (Assemblymember C. Garcia)

2021-109 San Diego County Sheriff’s Office (Assemblymember Weber)

2021-112 California Department of Justice – Child Abuse Central Index (Assemblymember Lackey)

2021-113 Local Government Batterer Intervention Programs (Assemblymember Grayson)

2021-114 State Agencies’ Management of Surplus Property (Assemblymember Quirk-Silva)

2021-115 School Facilities Program (Senator Hertzberg)

2021-117 California Public Utilities Commission – Electrical System Safety Oversight (Assemblymember Salas)

2021-118 State Water Resources Control Board – Safe Drinking Water (Assemblymember Salas)

2021-120 Department of Developmental Services – In-Home Respite Program (Assemblymember Kalra)

2021-123 California Departments of Public Health and Health Care Services – Hospice Licensure and Oversight (Senator Allen)

2021-802 Local High Risk Assessment – City of Compton (State Auditor)

2021-805 Local High Risk Assessment – City of Calexico (State Auditor)

2021-806 Local High Risk Assessment – City of Richmond (State Auditor)

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