Audit Requests 2019-2020

Emergency Audit Requests - 2020

2020-128 Employment Development Department (Assemblymember Salas)

Audit Requests - 2/26/2020 Hearing

2020-102 Alameda, Fresno, and Los Angeles County Sheriff's Offices - Realignment Fund Spening (Assemblymember Kamlager)

2020-103 California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation – Integrated Services for Mentally Ill Parolees Program (Senator Beall)

2020-104 Calbright College  (Assemblymember Medina)

2020-107 Department of Toxic Substances Control – Lead Contamination Cleanup (Assemblymember Santiago)

2020-108 California Tax Credit Allocation Committee and California Debt Limit Allocation Committee—Tax Credits and Funding for Affordable Housing Projects (Assemblymember Salas)

2020-109 In-Home Supportive Services Program Funding (Assemblymember Boerner Horvath)

2020-111 Los Angeles Community College District – Personnel Commission (Assemblymember Rubio)

2020-112 Homeless Services – County Continuum of Care Lead Agencies (Assemblymember R. Rivas)

2020-114 California Air Resources Board – Greenhouse Gas Reduction Programs (Senator Bradford)

2020-802 City of Blythe (State Auditor)

2020-803 City of El Cerrito (State Auditor)

2020-804 City of Lindsay (State Auditor)

2020-805 City of San Gabriel (State Auditor)

2020-806 City of West Covina (State Auditor)

Audit Requests - 8/28/2019 Hearing

2019-120 Board of Registered Nursing— Oversight of PreLicensure Nursing School Programs (Assemblymember Rubio)

2019-121 California Department of Food and Agriculture— Oversight of the Pet Lover’s Specialized License Plate Program (Assemblymember Quirk)

2019-125 Local Educational Agencies—Suicide Prevention Efforts (Assemblymember Salas)

2019-127 San Diego Air Pollution Control District (Assemblymember Gloria)

Audit Requests - 6/26/2019 Hearing

2019-111 Department of Housing and Community Development – Mobilehome Park Inspections (Senator Leyva)

2019-112 California State Lottery (Senator Chang)

2019-113 University of California—Admission Policies and Practices (Assemblymember Boerner Horvath)

2019-114 California State University—Campus-Based Student Fees (Assemblymember Boerner Horvath)

2019-116 Juvenile Justice Crime Prevention Act Funds (Assemblymember Jones-Sawyer)

2019-118 California Law Enforcement Agencies—Automated License Plate Readers (Senator Wiener)

2019-119 Lanterman-Petris-Short Act Implementation (Senator Stern)

Audit Requests - 3/6/2019 Hearing

2019-101 School Districts— Local Control Accountability Plans (Assemblymember Weber)

2019-102 Department of Industrial Relations—Qualified Medical Evaluator Program (Assemblymember Rubio)

2019-103 County Emergency Plans—Evacuation of the Elderly and Disabled (Assemblymember Lackey)

2019-104 Local Educational Agencies—Support of Homeless Students  (Assemblymember Chiu)

2019-105 Departments of Health Care Services and Public Health— Management of Blood Lead Tests and Services (Assemblymember Gomez Reyes)

2019-106 State Agencies’ Management of Workers’ Compensation Programs (Senator Moorlach)

2019-108 Sacramento City Unified School District (Assemblymember McCarty)

2019-109 California Air Resources Board – Climate and Emissions Policies (Assemblymember Salas)

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